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Cynthia A. Knoble

Reading “The Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe at the tender age of eight inspired a life-long love of the macabre in Cynthia Knoble. Her mother handed her Stephen King’s ‘Salem’s Lot next, and she was forevermore a fan of all that is dark and mysterious. Intrigued by the thought of an entire world of unknown entities that live amongst us, she finds it both terrifying an invigorating. Perhaps it's all merely fiction but perhaps it's more.
​​​​​​​     She has written stories since childhood but life, work, and family kept her too busy to pursue writing as a career. At forty-one, on her own with her two sons, she decided to pursue a career in culinary arts and enrolled in college. She became sick and while she did graduate, she has never been able to work in the food industry. Sidelined, she returned to her first love, writing, in hopes it would cure all ills. It has. The author of several novels, novellas, and short-stories, she has just begun what promises to be a lengthy career of sharing her tales and inspiring readers with stories of heroes overcoming supernatural obstacles while simultaneously scaring them. It is the lovely balance of emotions she strives for and, while not all of her stories have happy endings, each is certain to frighten readers, something that pleases her immensely.
​​​​​​​     When not creating fantastic new worlds on her laptop, she can be found spending time with her sons, both of whom she is proud to say are third-generation horror fanatics. They live with their incredibly ornery cat, Bruno, in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. Cynthia enjoys interacting with her readers.