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Jon-Pat Myers

From playing with punk legends Toxiksox in 1980s Johannesburg, to working as a roadie for Motorhead, to singing with The Psykotix and trying to kickstart disc golf in 21st century South Africa, Jon-Pat Myers has done it all.

Now he tells it his way, ranting and raving about a world he claims he cannot change.

​​​​​​​Jon-Pat is not a writer. He’d be the first to tell you that. His books were created using a Dictaphone, a cellphone, and an antiquated laptop. At his own request, they have not been professionally edited. They are raw. Like JP’s life. Brought to you from the back alleys of Hillbrow, and from the war-torn streets of Israel.

Come journey with a Madman. Sculptor. Musician. Composer. Painter. Traveller. Speaker. Disc golfer. Poet. Clown. Juggler. Teacher. Student. Doorman. Gardener. Current occupation - unknown.

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