Captivated by Youth and Beauty: Mr. Bennet's story

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About the author

Noe and Cindy

Noe has been married to his first real love for more than 35 years. It was she that urged him to put his writing skills to authoring a novel in April of 2013 based on Pride & Prejudice, “Mr Darcy falls in love.” Noe has never been afraid to admit he loves chick-flicks, being a real gentleman who always treats women with the respect they deserve. It is his romantic side that brought the story of Mr. Darcy to life, and his appreciation of Mary Bennet and Georgiana Darcy led to a sequel, "The Sun Also Shines for me," about the two girls working together as sisters on a very special project.

Noe also did the artwork for the covers of his books, another thing Cindy encouraged. He makes woodart too, including a statuette of the image of Darcy depicted on the cover of their book, as well as lovely pieces of wood jewelry.

Look for them at and on Instagram @noesexpressions.