Rouen: How Quickly Can a Woman Run?

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About the author

Nilam A. McGrath

Nilam A. McGrath is a writer and researcher for the international development sector and has edited over 50 books, briefings and journal articles for international development agencies, NGOs and public sector organisations. 

Author of A PhD Rollercoaster (charting her journey through the doctoral training cycle, see her associated Prezi presentation 'Nilam’s PhD Rollercoaster'); Watching Tagore (winner in the SAMPAD 2012 writing competition); and Rouen (a short story).

She has lived in The Philippines, Maldives, Sri Lanka and the UK where she worked in communication, training and research roles. After completing her PhD, she designed the popular How to Talk About Your Research Like a Human Being workshop, and the Ups and Downs of PhDs workshop. She delivers workshops, training and keynotes internationally on: plain English writing techniques for PhD students and researchers; the PhD rollercoaster; using diaries in qualitative research; communication strategies for non-profits based in developing countries; and open access issues for developing country organisations.

Author of feelinghomesick blog, for anyone missing life in the UK while working overseas, and nilamsnet blog, for book reviews (she likes to write the reviews in the page margins in tiny writing).

She is a proper film geek, and laughs at her own jokes. You can usually persuade her to present at your event with the promise of a cup of tea, some lunch and minimal bureaucracy in claiming back expenses. For updates on her current fiction and non-fiction writing projects, sign up for previews and extracts at her website