The Debt

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Nick Triplow

Nick Triplow was born in London in 1964. After spending much of the 1980s riding scooters around Kent and south London, playing guitar for (very) cult indie band I Can’t Scream and trying to find publishers for some ‘rough-arsed’ poems, Nick bit the bullet, went north of the river, and studied for a degree in Writing, Publishing and English at Middlesex University. Nick found validation for his ideas and writing, along with a realisation that if he was going to be another George Orwell or Graham Greene, he’d better get a bloody move on.   

After a farewell to poetry in the self-published pamphlet ‘Electric Lullaby’ – inspired by the mighty John Peel’s late night radio show – Nick focused on writing prose. Moving to Barton on Humber, North Lincolnshire in 2001, he began writing his first novel and in 2004 earned a place on the prestigious Sheffield Hallam University MA Writing. The course was a life-changer, and the novel completed for the MA, a slow-burn high-concept political thriller called The Paradise Man, earned a distinction.

In 2009, Nick co-wrote the script for Ted’s Return Home, a short film about Ted Lewis, native son of Barton on Humber, and author of classic British crime novel Get Carter (originally titled Jack’s Return Home). The film premiered to a packed cinema at the 2009 Humber Mouth Festival. Armed with a new sense of self-belief and a story to tell, inspired by the crime-writing of Lewis and George Pellecanos, Nick returned to draw on the people and places he knew growing up in south London for Frank’s Wild Years - a novel of loyalty, betrayal and last chances at the frayed and fading edges of the south London underworld. 

Nick is currently writing the official biography of Ted Lewis.