RAMP to Success: An Introduction

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Christopher Missimo

My name is Christopher Missimo. My story begins around age five when I was diagnosed with ADHD, Bi-Polar, Conduct Disorder, and Oppositional Defiance Disorder. The summarized version includes 10 years of therapy, 13 years of medication, and multiple inpatient hospital stays. The longest hospital stay was three months in an institution in Austin, Texas. This hospital hosted children and adolescents with severe mental illness. For example, my roommate was a positive schizophrenic, meaning he had vivid hallucinations, of which I would rather not describe here. During this time, the state of Texas was also attempting to take me away from my mother who was a single parent of 2 boys at the time. They failed in this attempt, due in large part to a team of mental health experts that fought on my behalf. Back then I was not expected to attend college, hold a successful job, or engage in a healthy intimate relationship. I went on to obtain my degree in Psychology with a minor in Rhetoric and Argumentation from Baylor University a year early with a major GPA of 3.95 and a minor GPA of 4.0 I followed this by obtaining a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Sam Houston State where I also graduated a year early with a GPA of 4.0. I am currently a therapist/marketing director for a private practice in Texas and the owner of Missimo Motivation. I currently specialize in working with athletes/gamers, anger, and relationships for adolescents and young adults. However, I do see ages 8 and up with a variety of concerns across the board. 

I created this model during my graduate studies as I sought to discover a preventative and active care system for athletes. This turned into what is now a life-long project to bring RAMP, which stemmed in large part from health/exercise psychology and sports psychology, to different populations at the individual and group levels. It's something that I personally wish I had growing up as a road map for my goals. The various struggles I faced mentally would have been much easier to navigate with the proper map that my family and I could follow together. I want everyone to take the RAMP to success. We can achieve the performance and health we desire with the right plan.