Your Safety and Privacy Online: The CIA and NSA

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Siggi Bjarnason

Siggi Bjarnason is an expert cybersecurity professional with four decades of computer and online experience. Born in Iceland, Siggi spent much of his adult life in Seattle, Washington. In Washington, he lived through the development of a groundbreaking form of technology that would revolutionize not only the tech industry but the world as we know it. Everyone now knows this groundbreaking technology as the internet.

In the early 1980s, while still a teenager, Siggi developed an interest in computers as a hobby. By the mid-1990s, he turned that hobby into a profession. You could say that he was a pioneer in the birth of the internet when he worked as a network engineer at Microsoft during its infancy. Siggi has communicated and explored online since the mid-1980s, even though the first public web browser wasn’t available until 1994.

Siggi’s newest venture, InfoSecHelp, is specifically designed to help those with limited technical knowhow to stay safe online. It doesn’t matter if it is a home computer, small business, or large enterprise, InfoSecHelp can help.

Siggi’s enthusiasm for technology is what drives him to find new ways to help people stay on top of the changing digital landscape. By assisting people in remaining safe online and avoiding scams that could damage their systems and their wallets, he hopes computer users can fully enjoy the marvels of the internet.

In his free time, Siggi enjoys the simple things in life like listening to music, attending live theater events, and going ballroom dancing. Additionally, Siggi enjoys volunteering for organizations that help his community. He is a volunteer for the American Red Cross, Public Health Reserve Corps (PHRC), and other similar organizations. For Siggi, nothing is more important than finding ways to enjoy life, whether that be through computers, working with others, or listening to his favorite album.