The Puella in a Toga

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About the author

Josie Caporetto

Josie is what you could call an Italian from Down Under, born in Australia but raised for 15 years in Italy. Then she came back to Marvellous Melbourne (Australia), a city of artists, culture and great food.

Her curiosity about story telling came from her maternal grandfather "nonno", who would always tell her tales of his time in Abyssinia.

She started writing as a 14 year old when she had to read a book for an Italian literature class. The novel was the well-know classic of the Italian 19th century, Alessandro Manzoni, "The Betrothed" (in Italian. "I Promessi Sposi"). She felt Renzo was a wimp and wasn't the right character to be the hero for the story. So she made the rugged and wicked villain Don Rodrigo the hero for Lucia.

Her professor loved the way she brought the characters to life, and then suspended her for daring to change a piece of literature.

Josie's fantasies have no limit. She love writing, from historical romances to chick lit, time travel to fantasy, depending on her mood. She also writes poetry, non-fiction, children's stories and short stories as well as women's crime under JC Capo and is published in anthropology and cook books under Giusy Caporetto