Fly Fishing in Lakes and Ponds

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About the author

Paul Marriner

Paul Marriner owns and operates Gale’s End Press. A member of the Outdoor
Writer’s Association of Canada, his articles have appeared in magazines on
six continents and number in the hundreds. He has written nine print and
three other digital titles (Modern Atlantic Salmon Flies, Atlantic Salmon: A
Fly Fishing Reference, and Fly Fishing in Lakes & Ponds) and contributed
to several anthologies. In 1991 Paul won the Gregory Clark Award for outstanding
contributions to the arts of fly fishing and in 2008 the Jean-Guy
Côté Award for continuous contributions to the arts of fly tying. A flyfisher
for more than fifty years he has angled for a host of fresh and salt water species
in fourteen countries and made numerous appearances as a presenter of
programs about fly fishing and fly tying. Paul has five decades of experience
at the vise and only a little less time teaching new tiers.