Michael, we really have to talk . . .

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About the author

Michael O'Neill

Michael O’Neill spent the majority of his working life in public sectors in Australia in roles ranging from file clerk, to teacher, and finally staff counsellor.

Ideologically committed to civil service rather than the private sector, he derived great satisfaction from being involved in service to the public.

Michael’s studies saw him on campuses in the 60s and early 70s during that period of heightened social awareness and growing student radicalism which spawned the New Left: young women and men dedicated to creating a better world.  He was deeply involved then in the search for understanding, truth and honesty, a search he continued with constant energy and analytical precision his entire life.  He was also a dedicated diarist, essayist, sketch artist and journalist, though his work is largely unpublished.

Michael’s sudden death in August 2013 interrupted but did not prevent the publication of his first book, Michael, we really have to talk . . .