Hot Pepper Courage: A Journey from Sicily

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About the author

M. G. Faust

M. G. Faust began writing in 2021 at the youthful age of sixty.
Eager to attack life, she graduated high school, married, and started college within a week when she was seventeen. She remains in awe of that naïve, energetic, and tireless younger self. Now she feels productive if she does a load of laundry.
She and her late husband lived in a rural area of Louisiana where they raised three wonderful children and a niece. Now she has the joy of cooking for grandchildren.
Growing up on a small farm in south Louisiana gave her time to read on long, laid-back summer afternoons. Through books and listening to family stories, she traveled the earth.
Although her list of past jobs is long and varied, notable ones include a horseback instructor, a social worker for the State of Louisiana’s child welfare system for twenty-five years, mental health counselor for children, and being a background actor in the film industry. She was a blur in many scenes. When she isn't writing, she works as a mental health and career counselor.
She now lives in a small town just north of New Orleans with her second husband. Together they are owned by two German Shepherds who have trained their humans quite well.