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Tim Miller

Tim began writing at a very young age. As a teenager he would write short stories of horror to entertain himself and his friends. Not knowing at the time this would one day lead to his dream of becoming a published author. Tim has studied various religions and psychology as evident in the "Hand of God" books and "Dark Exorcist."

From there, Tim began to venture into the realm of splatterpunk and extreme horror, which kicks the gore factor into overdrive. With the release of "Family Night" Tim has been off to the races. He has released several bestselling titles that are sure to turn your stomach.

In addition to writing, Tim is also trying his hand in acting. He has been cast in in the feature film, "Zombie Reign" which starts filming in the fall of 2014.

You can follow Tim on his website at http://timmiller.org and on Twitter @TimMiller2011

"If you are looking for a writer who writes for the extreme horror fan, then you have found your guy in Tim Miller. " -- The Horror Nation

"Family Night will take you on a horrific rollercoaster ride." -- Gadget Girl Reviews