The Beverly Hills Supper Club (Where the Stars Came to Hang Out) An Autobiography of My Teenage Years in Beverly Hills

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About the author

Robert Allen Jenkins

Robert Allen Jenkins is an American country songwriter.  He has enjoyed success in the field and has had his songs recorded by a number of top country artists. He owns three music publishing companies where he publishes his music and the music of some other talented country songwriters.

Robert's life has been quite interesting and he is writing his autobiography in three segments. His first book, The Beverly Hills Supper Club, is about the time he spent during his teenaged years living in Beverly Hills with his wealthy aunt and his friendships with many celebrities and movie stars. The next book, in progress, is the funny things that happened to him growing up poor in the deep south. It promises to be very entertaining. The last will be about his years in the music business.

Robert has always enjoyed making up stories for his grandchildren, who can’t wait to hear them when they see their grandpa. Encouraged by his wife Lyn and his children, he has put some of the stories to paper and is continuing to create new stories. His wife Lyn is the illustrator and they work hand in hand to create the stories, as they have in all their other endeavors for their forty plus years of marriage.

Robert’s first children's book, What Can I Do, is a favorite among his six grandchildren.  It is a picture book for younger children and beginner readers (ages 2-8). It is the story of a puppy who is trying to find out what he can do. It teaches the lesson that although we may have different talents, we are all good at something.  We just have to find out what it is.

Robert has a number of children's stories written and will be publishing them as the illustrations are finished. He would appreciate your reviews, and of course, five stars are his goal. If you would like to review Robert’s work, we will have a certain number of free downloads for reviewing purposes. Contact us by email.

Robert lives outside of Nashville, Tennessee, with his wife Lyn on a small farm where he raised his three children.