The Four Wielders: Pyril and the Ohrknights

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Mark Murphy

I'm Mark Andrew Murphy. My fulltime calling is one of vocational Christian ministry (I'm a pastor), however, I love to create with my free time! I have always wanted to be a published author, and now, one of my life's dreams has been realized! My first book to be published is a fantasy work, and I intend to continue publishing in this genre for a long time. I already have future titles underway! My great desire is for my novels to make people think about important issues of life... spirituality, life-after-death, the nature of good and evil, etcetera. And if, in doing so, I can provide swashbuckling adventures, playful romps for the purpose of entertainment, then I will have, as the adage goes, killed two birds with one stone! I pray you enjoy getting lost in my worlds as much as I enjoyed creating them! I hope many questions are raised in your mind about the world, and, perhaps, in a public or social media forum, I might be able to answer some of them!