The Successful Trader: Building Wealth For Your Future In Only 5 Minutes A Day

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Jeremy Downing

Jeremy Downing is a successful trader and property investor. He has been trading successfully in financial markets for over a decade. He has introduced thousands of people to trading over the years whilst working across different trading methods and has created and teaches The Cashflow Trader Program and The Options Trading Master Class. He also coaches high net worth clients, one on one, in stock options trading. He has taught using his Triple Success Method, which combines video tutorials, success coaching and classroom teaching to produce high levels of satisfaction with his students. Jeremy’s experience as a property investor led to his unique approach to trading which stems from his desire to make trading as solid as property investing. Jeremy has spoken on Applying the Principles of Property Investing to the Stock Market, The 5 Biggest Obstacles to Successful Trading and How To Avoid Them and also regularly speaks on goal setting and planning. Jeremy’s Education Company, The Successful Trader, began by teaching his clients how to trade for themselves. In January 2013, The Successful Trader released The Cashflow Trader Program which teaches individuals from all walks of life how to earn a monthly cash flow from the stock market using stock option strategies. With its low-risk and low-time commitment approach, The Cashflow Trader Program provides a simple and effective way to make up to 20% per annum from a small time commitment of just five minutes a day. Jeremy spends his spare time writing music and as an English Football Association Qualified Coach. He coaches youth in their football skills.