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PP Corcoran

Paul P Corcoran is the author of several books, including the Amazon best-selling science fiction Saiph Series: Discovery of the Saiph, Search for the Saiph and most recently Hunt for the Saiph

Paul grew up in the British Army having joined at just 17 ½ years old and spent the next twenty plus years there while devouring any and all science fiction he could get his hands on.

Post army he stayed in the security and intelligence worlds and with more time on his hands put his military skills and his experiences to good use by combining them with his lifetime love of sci-fi to create stories of space marines, space battles and fantastic technologies for reader’s enjoyment (and his own).

With the success of his debut Saiph series Paul has turned his one-time hobby into a job and now concentrates on writing. Much to the horror of his wife who puts up with him at home on a full-time basis.