Janus: The Devil's Election

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Angel Ramon

My name is Angel Ramon Medina author of The Thousands Years War. I was born and raised in Brooklyn N.Y. but I now reside in Salinas Puerto Rico.I was born in May 27, 1990 and I always had fun reading science fiction and enjoyed imaging things that could never possibly happen but for me thinking about reality is too boring. I always like to think outside of the box and I encourage everyone reading this book to do the same. Go out there and live your dreams you only got one life to live! I was always very good at creative writing in High School in fact I would daydream full-fledged stories in the middle of class, didn't need to watch a movie I was thinking of one everyday. My mother is from El Salvador and my father is from Puerto Rico so I come from a traditional hispanic family. I'm a very adventurous and like the idea of taking big risks not only figuratively but literally as well. When I'm not out exploring some rainforest or unknown lands I'm behind my desk coming up with new ideas to share with the world. My favorite video games inculde First person shooters and Real-Time Strategy games. I might be a weird person but I'm proud of it and if you are weird you should be proud as well. My day job is running my own business where I give computer classes, fix computers and help out business owners. I also run a website to help out other indie authors known as the hybrid nation. If you wish to visit the website it is: http://www.hybridnationrevolution.com/