My So-Called Friend's Husband

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     KIA Valcent is an author born on the small Caribbean Island of Saint Lucia who writes novellas and novels of various genres such as Romance, Mystery, Teen-Fiction, Supernatural (Vampire/Werewolves/Demons/Zombies), Sci-Fi, Crime, Paranormal, Young Adult Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Fantasy Fiction (Mermaids/Magic/Superpowers) with a slice-of-life. She stepped into the world of self-publishing in June 2021, under her business DarkRoyalty Books.
​​​​​​​     She wrote her first book, A Daughter’s Nightmare when she was 11 years old to help cope with her trauma. There is still a lot she must learn about writing, editing, publishing, and being an author, and is already taking the steps to learn it all. For her, there is always room for improvement.
​​​​​​​     With an insatiable desire to put her thoughts on paper, KIA is easily inspired to write a story by the simplest of things (an image, song, word, or video clip). She started at a very young age and was told to share her stories on Wattpad by her dear friend J. Joseph in April 2018. There, she developed an audience and improved her writing with each book she wrote.
​​​​​​​     With the encouragement of her mother and sister, she took to the self-publishing world, hoping to be a well-known author in her country someday.