Poké Dawn at Dusk

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About the author

Plato Abelard

At his base, Plato Abelard loves to mess with people’s assumptions. People think all marriages have to be a certain way, so he writes stories about marriages that are different. People think other people are all a certain way, so he tries to make them see other people as humans instead of others. Right now he’s using erotica to do it, because, hey, erotica is fun. Sex is fun. And sex itself has a lot of stupid assumptions about it. Assumptions about monogamy, hetero-normativity, morality, men, women, race, and all kinds of rules that people use to make sex seem dirty.

Sex isn’t dirty. It’s time to reclaim sex. Write smut that doesn’t insult. The S-word and the W-word need to vanish. Degrading language, degrading actions, racism through objectifications like BBC or “Blacked” porn need to be shamed out of existence.

Sex is good. Write about it like it’s good.

And in case you’re curious, Plato Abelard lives in Austin, Texas, with two cats and a few people. He surrounds himself with interesting, creative, brilliant beings of various races, genders (yes, there are more than two), sexual orientations, religions (or lack of them), and culinary habits. He enjoys being the least interesting person in the room.