The Seventy Weeks

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About the author

Gordon Nsowine

Gordon Nsowine is a young boy who loves God with great passion. He had a very special encounter with the Lord during his days in High School. The Lord has used him in so many ways to touch lives around and to propagate the gospel. He has so much desire in teaching the Word of God. His  unquenchable thirst is teaching the undiluted Word of God (Full Gospel).

He has written other books and received many invitations ministering in various places. He is also speaker in conferences, especially with the youth.
To him, he is everything humanity needs. His greatest desire is to see young people developed and becoming agents of transformation.

To him, the future of our world is in the hands of the young ones and as such, he wish to assist people to discover and fulfill their life assignment. In achieving the goal of assisting people fulfill their life assignment, Gordon Nsowine is so much interested in people making the most precious use of their gifts, talents and potentials. He believes education is never a barrier to the success of anyone, and as such people should be encouraged to pursue their dreams. He believes everyone living in this world has a particular task to accomplish as far as God is concerned and they are given life to live.