His To Shatter (A Contemporary Romance Novel)

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About the author

Haley Pearce

Haley has always been a dreamer and a hopeless romantic. Her love for literature began when she was very small and she can still remember her trips to the local library as some of her fondest childhood memories. She knew at a young age that she wanted to share her passion for storytelling and one day become a writer.

Haley writes stories about capable, intelligent, and resilient young women who overcome incredible odds to finally find the love they truly deserve. Her characters are deeply personal and often reflect some of her own insecurities and deepest fears. Haley's stories are about the beauty of the human spirit, the struggles that we all face, and the universal truth that you can't do anything alone.

She believes that learning to trust, to submit yourself completely to another person, and to love unconditionally are the most virtuous lessons that can be learned. These major themes encompass the entirety of her passionate storytelling.