Annabel's Fate

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About the author

Amber M. Kestner

Amber M. Kestner is a West Virginian Author who specializes in Lesbian Romance in the Fiction Genre. She was born in Orlando, Florida, raised in Homosassa, Florida, and Sutton, West Virginia is her home with Mythical Monsters like BigFoot and the Flatwoods Monster. Amber is happily married and in love with the best man in her world named Larry and they share a son together named Xia Xiu Mei-Hui who is Transgender (female to male) and Gay. Amber is supportive of the LGBTQIA+ Communities.

Amber published her first work, a very short novelette called Jana & Angel A Girl For Her Series: Volume 1, in July 2016 and has a never-ending list of stories to complete. Her personal favorite book that she has written is She's My Kind Of Country. It has the right amount of drama and a good story telling. She's an Author of 24 books and with a big goal to reach. All her books can be found on Kindle & Kindle Unlimited.

Her favorite genres to read are: Young Adult, Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ+ Romance (mostly gay and lesbian), Children Chapter Books, and YA/Adult Fantasy.

Her favorite Writers/Authors: W.A. Ashes, K.D. Hilt, L.D. Wosar, Mina Skye, Jason Blayne, Angelina Kerner, Pixie Chica, Marissa Meyer, Richelle Mead, Alice Oseman, and many more. Amber loves books because she is a well known bookworm.