Igniting The Fire: The Art of Romantic Submission

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Master Arcane

Master Arcane of The Crow Academy is one of today’s most Respected Masters of the D/s Arts.  His intense dedication to advancing Ancient BDSM Traditions alongside the Euphoric Passion of the modern D/s Experience continues to enlighten students and audiences around the globe.

The Crow Academy, so named after Native American and Eastern European legends which describe the Crow as the "Bringer of Law and Discipline," was first created in the 1990's. The founder, Master Arcane, envisioned a haven and school for those seriously interested in exploring the S&M Arts. The Master believed that anyone genuinely intent on being trained properly, whether their interest was short-term Submissive exploration, long-term Submission, or the study of Domination at the end of the road, should have the opportunity to learn about and appreciate BDSM as An Art Form. The Crow Academy style is based on the cornerstone that Domination & Submission, BDSM, and Fetish Performance Art should all revolve around Romance. From the softest feather to the most intense whip, it is all about the Dom and the sub Connecting.  Learn more at: www.CrowAcademy.com