God's Diamond In The Rough

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About the author

Veronica Pryor-Faciane

Veronica Pryor-Faciane is a captivating storyteller that utilizes her journey as a teaching tool to inspire and motivate others desiring to become their “Best Selves.” She received her Master’s Degree in Psychology with a Concentration in Life Coaching in November 2018. She is the CEO/Founder of New ID (a/k/a Inspirational Diamonds) Life Coaching LLC. Veronica classifies her craft within the genres of Transformation Speaker/ Life Coach and Author. Her mission is to assist as a guide for those that have experienced trauma, including survivors of domestic violence, incest, early childhood abuse, sexual assault along with other life challenges to develop a successful roadmap towards their NEW ID and not the identification that was given to them by their parents, environment or various negative societal factors. This passion was invoked after developing a warrior and not worrier mindset, overcoming 28 years of incest, financial, physical, spiritual and domestic violence suffered at the hands of her birth father. 

Before the inception of New ID Life Coaching, Veronica served as an auditor with a major school system for over 17 years in the Baton Rouge, serving as a financial literacy trainer for aspiring principals as well as training secretaries and principal’s concerning the proper handling of school funds throughout the district. She has worked with youth and adults in varying capacities since 1983 to present (camp assistant, volunteering through various organizations as Key Club, Student Council and NABA (National Association of Black Accounts) of Xavier University to name a few.

She is enlightening, and a transparent individual is guiding others towards their Best Lives. She is a living example of how negative restructuring thoughts via mindfulness can pave the way to living your best life. She often reminds others that:

Mottos to live by from Veronica Pryor-Faciane

***A Positive Mindset is key towards evolving into the precious gem “YOU DESIRE TO BE.”