A Sojourner's Song: a journey to a better country

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Adelia I. Fritts

On long trips our mother would read to my younger sister and me, instilling a love for stories. In high school I joined The Detective Book Club, and started writing poems. In college as an English Literature major, I was a reporter on the college newspaper. Later I wrote songs. I earned a graduate degree in Education with an emphasis on Teaching English as a Second Language from Oregon State University. However, my health and finances were such that I could not go to China as I had intended. While a senior in college I had been in a car accident in which I broke my neck. Ten years after the accident and surgery, my neck and back started deteriorating.

      While cooking for a church construction project in Oregon I wrote an article for the denomination magazine describing it with accompanying photos. As a Curriculum Developer for the community college in Salem, Oregon, I produced videos and a manual to train tutors to teach reading to adults and an outline for another video series. When I returned to Oklahoma I secured a contract with my denomination’s publishing house to produce a series of lessons for their adult curriculum. Subsequently I would also produce in-house curriculum for the church I attended. In 2009 I published a family cookbook honoring an older sister who had recently passed away. In 2019 I finished an autobiography. I am currently working on a study book on caring for widows using my Masters in Biblical Literature thesis from Oral Roberts University as the basis for it.                                           

      Other projects will include historical fiction for girls. In doing genealogical research on my own family I found some fascinating women to act as a springboard for American girl stories. There were mail order brides, homesteaders in sod houses, cousins to university builders, dissenters before the Revolutionary War. So my love of history can merge with the storytelling.