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Not your typical mystery short story:

When a wealthy woman mysteriously disappears from Siddlecombe Manor - seemingly from her lover's bed, Detective Inspector Blanchflower investigates.

With his trademark fedora and handsome sidekick Inspector Ferraud, Blanchflower is contacted by the woman's Father, desperate to find her.

Ferraud doesn't want to take the case but Blanchflower insists that they have to track down the missing woman; although there is no apparent motive for her disappearance, and there are no indications she has been kidnapped and held for ransom, despite her wealth and status in Society.

Never one to turn away from a case, Blanchflower examines the woman's past to establish why she has disappeared, and what he finds is truly unexpected; and leads Blanchflower down a different path to reveal the real motives of the people in the woman's life.

Meanwhile, Inspector Ferraud considers the merits of his recent promotion, and why he's always a few steps behind Blanchflower in solving the case.

The dynamic between Blanchflower and Ferraud entertains without detracting from the mystery which only this duo can solve.

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The Tragedy at Siddlecombe Manor

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About the author

Ruby Binns-Cagney

Ruby Binns-Cagney is a successful, Independently published Author who specialises in American police procedural-based crime thrillers, women's contemporary literature, romance and non-fiction.

Ruby's "Detective Macaulay" series of books are proving to be popular; and Ruby recently introduced a new series based on 'The FBI Special Agent Benson Cases' which promises to reveal the backstory on Nick Benson; his arrival in New York City - and into Finkel Macaulay's life.

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 Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/detmacaulay (@DetMacaulay)