A Journey Most Marvelous

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Christine Bradfield

Christine Bradfield is a retired librarian who served her hometown library for over 26 years. Until a few years ago, she had never contemplated being a writer. A series of serendipitous events lead her to discover the joy of writing and in becoming an accidental author. She is pursuing writing with enthusiasm and delight, and she is self-publishing her works, for now.

Besides fiction, Christine has other writing interests that include nonfiction, poetry, short stories, and juvenile picture books. Her nonfiction book, Two Kids and a Talking Crow: A True Story, was published in October 2020. She plans to publish another nonfiction title by the end of 2021, and the working title for it is, The Horse Creek Boys. She is fascinated by the beautiful, heartbreaking, and simple stories in everyday lives, and she desires to save as many of those as she can from being lost. She also expects to release her picture book, Millie’s Boots, which is a tribute to her mother, in late 2021. Her published titles are available for purchase by major library vendors.

Christine loves retirement and the time it allows her to discover and learn. When she reflects on how her life has unfolded, she believes everything and everyone during her library career has influenced, inspired, or taught her skills that has prepared her for this new venture. Libraries are awesome and are so necessary! Librarians rock and have the quiet power of a superhero! She will always be a library lover and supporter. She encourages everyone to get a library card and use its power of possibilities.