A Castle Sealed: Castle in the Wilde - Prequel Novella

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About the author

Sharon Rose

I started writing when I was seven years old. Okay, My Life as a Flying Squirrel may have had a couple spelling errors, but my classmates loved it. 

​​​​​​​Plenty of life has happened since that first story, and I’ve come to realize the things that fascinate me. People. Communication. Culture. Personality. Viewpoints. Beliefs. Anything that makes each of us beautifully unique. Small wonder that my art spills out in story form. 

​​​​​​​It was only a matter of time before I just had to share my stories. I publish fantasy and science fiction because they allow vast spaces to explore. My stories weave cultures and characters, who are more than they seem to be, into adventures with mystery, romance, and hope.

​​​​​​​When I’m not writing or reading, I may be traveling, enjoying gardens, or searching for unique coffee shops with my husband. We live in Minnesota, USA, famed for its mosquitoes—uh, I mean 10,000 lakes and vibrant seasons. 


What’s in a name? 

​​​​​​​Way more than I expected. As in, more people. Of course, I knew I was not the only Sharon Rose in the world, but it turns out that some of them are authors, too. I’m the Sharon Rose who writes science fiction and fantasy for those who prefer a cleaner read.