Fading Control

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TW Iain

Married, kids, job; the usual stuff. But there has to be more. Music, and book. Especially books. Fuel for the imagination, energy for the mind. When I was younger, I’d go outside ‘to play’, but I’d take a book with me. I can recall holidays not through what happened, but through the books I read at the time.
But it’s never one-way. All those stories, all those ideas — they ferment. They build up, and they need a release.
TW Iain is the part of me that acts as a release valve. He types away, crafting tales to put out into the world. There are Dystopian thrillers (the Dominions series) and sci-fi horrors (the Shadows series). And then there’s the short fiction — three stories in anthologies, and more on my website. Every two weeks, I post a new one. Not sure if that’s a schedule or an addiction.
For more information, including an opportunity to read some of this stuff for free, visit twiain.com.