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Elle Andrews Patt

Elle Andrews Patt received an honorable mention from Writers of the Future for "Prelude to a Murder Conviction". She has won multiple Royal Palm Literary Awards for Published Short Fiction, Novella, and Unpublished Novel from the Florida Writers Association since her first win in 2013. She was invited to join the Alvarium Experiment during its 2014 inception and has  published award-winning stories, "Manteo", "Someday Loyal", and "Regarding Mr. Bulkington", as well as Prometheus Saga 2 western "Remuda" with them. Her work has appeared in online magazines such as Dark Fuse, Saw Palm and The Rag as well as several anthologies. Elle is represented by the Donald Maass Literary Agency.

​​​​​​​Elle writes literary and speculative fiction, mucks stalls, and works as a freelance digital marketer. She has made her living as a vet tech, pizza maker, and farm manager among many other ventures. She currently lives with her husband and two daughters in Tennessee. Visit Elle at to read award-winning Becky's Story for free and for links to her other work and publishing news. Join her email list at "Follow This Author" above to receive your choice of one of the above novellettes for free, an exclusive short story, updates, and bonuses.