The Bear is Born

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About the author

Remy Morgeson

Remy Morgeson began his writing journey in 2016, but his interest in bringing larger than life characters into the world has existed long before that. A lifelong lover of gritty fantasy and science fiction, with a healthy dose of horror thrown in, Remy found his motivation in the many characters he has shared adventures with over the years. Whether it were a rampaging barbarian, and unscrupulous space wizard, or a surly vampire hunter, Remy enjoyed every minute of reading about their harrowing exploits, and now seeks to give voices to his own characters that are waiting to spring to life.

Inspired by authors such as Robert E. Howard, Hideyuki Kikuchi, and Margaret Weis, Mr. Morgeson presents The Chronicles of the Bear, his very first series of novellas to be published. Join in the initial adventures of an author who has a sincere love for what he does, and look forward to the many more that are to come.

In addition to writing, Remy enjoys lifting weights, a burning passion for karate, and his other hobbies which include bingeing the occasional anime or getting destroyed in a board game. He currently resides in Danville Illinois with his wife and daughter, who he thinks the world of.