Carrie's Secret

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About the author

Paul Backalenick

I am the author of psychological mystery and suspense novels and short stories. I have published two books so far, with a third on the way.

Originally from Boston, I grew up in Westport, Connecticut where my first novel, Development, takes place. After college, I lived in and around Boston and that is where Carrie’s Secret is set. At present, I am working on my third novel, a Las Vegas mystery, tentatively titled Empty Luck. I graduated from Brown University with a concentration in psychology and later received graduate degrees from Boston University and Boston College.

I have had a diverse career, including working as a psychologist, hospital admissions director, information technology consultant, Internet entrepreneur, and Wall Street day trader. In my spare time, I enjoy playing piano and guitar as well as staggering around on a golf course, playing poker, and generally traveling overseas as much as possible.

I am passionate about nature and the natural world inspires and rejuvenates me. That is why I support animal rights, ecology and conservation causes. I love being around woods and ponds, but oddly, after a rather peripatetic life, I am now nested in New York City with my wife, artist Karen Loew.