Crystals: How to Activate, Connect and Use Crystals for Visioning

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About the author

Angel Lady Terrie Marie

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms., is a highly sensitive Angel Intuitive Specialist helping Empaths Worldwide tap into their Divine Birthright of having it ALL, easily accessing their Intuitive Empathic Skills, Angels and Spirit.

Blasting through sub-conscious patterns of resistance and dissolving negative self-talk are KEY steps in clearing your path to being seen and magnetic. Following their Inner GPS, her clients get clarity they need to live their dreams doing what they love most.

As a Best-Selling Author and Intuitive Empath Coach, she radiates Spiritual Presence, Unconditional Love and compassion, as she teaches life-transforming skills, easy-to-use techniques, in practical ways that work quickly and easily.

Terrie Marie helps her clients transform their lives and their Spiritual Businesses from the inside out in miraculous ways.

Messages channeled directly from Angels go beyond the prophetic. They provide, practical information that inspires clients to take massive action, becoming movers and shakers of their reality.

As clients recognize and receive the guidance and messages they want and need, they raise their inner-vibration. They experience massive mindset shifts. Best of all, they attract more opportunities, better clients, and financial prosperity.