Jesus Gardens Me

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David Jackson

​​​​​​​On a trip to the Sacred Valley of Peru my wife and I visited Willka T'ika retreat. There I received the inspiration for this book. Seven Chakra gardens enhance the setting.  While walking the "Spiral" I was inspired. A “Spiral” is one of the healing gardens. Previously I had walked various labyrinths but had never experienced what I did in this Spiral. Midway through walking the Spiral, I came upon a quite large rock blocking the way straight ahead. The path curved to go around the rock. At the center of the Spiral, I paused and then began a  return path. When I came upon the rock, there was no obstacle and I could walk directly ahead with no detour. Jesus seemed to be guiding, inspiring me to put in writing some details of how I have felt Jesus gardening me in my life. My book JESUS GARDENS ME, tells of this origin and what followed.