The Kidnapping of Shelby Wear

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Ken Alger

After three years with the Army I decided to stay into the military but with one caveat to sleep between sheets. So I did - reenlisted into the Coast Guard. Nineteen years later I retired from active duty, Ten years later I ended up working civil service with Coast Guard active duty for another twenty-one years.  I packed my work bag and totally retired.  The move from many written reports, evaluations, recommendations, proposals, and training scenarios created a most welcome vacuum filled with trips to everwhere in this good old USA.
​​​​​​​A few years later sitting at my PC when this urge hit me and I started typing. Three months - seemed like that - I stopped. Back into it a few months later to go through it again. About five years and several revisions later sent copies to four ladies. I asked them to read and let me know. They did. My First and only Fiction. The Kidnapping of Shelby Wear. Now it's your turn to read and tell this old man what you think of it.