Score with Math: Transforming Education through Sports-Inspired Strategies. Unleash the Power of Math Creativity and Engagement in the Classroom.

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About the author

Trevour Smith

Trevour Smith is a dynamic leader, educator, organizer, and advocate passionate about youth education and empowerment. He holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Campbell University, where they also studied Trust and Wealth Management and Financial Planning. Additionally, he holds a Master of Education (MEd) degree in Secondary Education and Teaching from Grand Canyon University. 

Throughout his career, Trevour has gained valuable experience in various educational roles. At Boston Latin School, he taught Mathematics, utilizing student-centered lessons and activities to facilitate learning. He also worked closely with parents during parent-teacher conferences to discuss students' progress and behavior. Trevour's approach to teaching includes activities that show the real-life applications of mathematical concepts, ensuring that students are engaged and motivated to learn.

Trevour has also served as head wrestling coach for the Brookline School District. In this position, He focused on improving individual and team performance, teaching strategies and techniques to optimize gameplay, and identifying and cultivating leadership potential in players. His efforts significantly increased program participation and success, culminating in a top-five finish in recent years, multiple D-I, D-II, and DIII scholarshiped student-athletes, and college acceptances.

Trevour's commitment to education extends beyond the classroom. He has been involved in union organizing and advocacy through roles at the Boston Teachers Union Local 66. As a building representative and organizer, Trevour has conducted outreach activities to engage workers interested in unionizing, developed effective organizing strategies and campaigns, built relationships with workers, provided information about the benefits of union membership, and negotiated on behalf of the union and its members.

Throughout his journey, Trevour has developed a set of values and beliefs that guide his work. He is passionate about educating youth to help them lead more successful lives. Trevour is dedicated to providing coaching, mentoring, and leadership to young adults, inspiring them to recognize the endless possibilities available to them through education. He believes in the power of diversity and collaboration, ensuring that students from various backgrounds and ages are given equal opportunities to learn and succeed.