Rehearsed Accidents

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About the author

Hudson Trenholm

Hudson Trenholm resides in Nova Scotia.

His love of writing surfaced in junior high and manifested itself as bad comics, terrible poetry, and cheesy YA material. His influences always were and remain spiritual writing, comic books, pulp fiction, thrillers, a smattering of literary fiction, and suspense TV interspersed with teary programs about black sheep and odd ducks. Documentaries round out the lot because he enjoys learning about why people think the way they do.

He has no pets, but he once had an imaginary friend that he knew wasn’t real and a fictional monkey that became characters that he could inflict stupid ideas on.

Speaking of which, he apologizes to his children. Both victims and beneficiaries of their father’s ideas, he loves them regardless of which it may seem they are in the middle of experiencing at his hand.

These are his debut stories (pretty much).