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Paul White

I am a multi-genre author of fiction, semi-fiction and non-fictional works.

I have published books ranging from Children's stories to tales of Crime and Violence, from personal accounts of the worlds War Zones to Emotive Poetry books and the humorous side of Military Social History to Twisted tales of both Magic and Gremlins.

A common topic running through many of my stories is that of life, of love, happiness, laughter, anger, anguish, fear, uncertainty, pain and loss. All the common denominators of the most important matter of all, the human condition.

I am the Editor of CQI Magazine, writer of the blogs, Ramblings from a Writers Mind' (writing about writing for writers) and Wild Geese, (an independent traveller's blog).

I created Electric Eclectic books; books designed as introductory works (novelettes), to enable readers to find great indie authors with low cost, high-quality books. (Prequels, Paralleled and Backstories and paperback 'pocketbooks' are under development.

As for myself... I have a warped sense of humour, I love good food, good wine and great company.

I am an ardent independent traveller, a nature lover and supporter of ecological and wildlife preservation.

I am open to suggestions for commissions, contracts & collaborations. My website is, http://paulznewpostbox.wixsite.com/paul-white

Electric Eclectic Books can be found at https://goo.gl/QKu6hj