Mirror of Perception

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About the author

Tommy Ray

Tommy Ray chooses to become an author to create value and inspiration to the world. He desires all to leave their mark, do not take this life for granted, as well as never give up on your dreams. He has always been inspired by travel adventure tales of real-life journeys. 

He always had a voice inside of him telling him he desired to live his life through a creative voice. For many years, he ignored the voice to follow other endeavors, but the voice was always there and increasing in volume.  Tommy loves to travel, write, compose, blog along with performing. He decided it was how he desired to spend his life. "Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations,"-Unknown.

To add to his catalog, he recently created the "Amid the Blackness" series. Short stories which fall in the suspense category. Keep a look-out for upcoming music from Tommy Ray along with future books as "The Country Boy.”