Conversations With Spirits of the Southwest

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About the author

Rhonda Hull

​​​​​​​Originally from Portland Oregon, Rhonda has used her gift most of her life.  In fact, she has experienced the “paranormal” since early childhood.   Unlike many mediums, who consider “ghosts” to be earthbound spirits, Rhonda believe that most spirits have successfully crossed over but return frequently to re-visit their loved ones and favorite places on the physical plane.   Rhonda is known for her genuine, down-to-earth approach to life that empowers others through her work.   As a spiritual teacher, psychic, medium, author, and lecturer, over the last 17  years, she has helped thousands with her psychic and medium abilities revealing details about her clients lives that bring greater awareness and understanding. Some of her clients are producers, Hollywood executives, musicians, and celebrities.

Rhonda has volunteered her services for nearly a decade, as an International Psychic Detective working along side law enforcement, search & rescue with some amazing results.