Writing--by Coincidence: Flowing with Signs & Synchronicity to Write with Passion

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About the author

Jenna Moore Fuller

Jenna Moore Fuller, a former vintage books dealer, has studied metaphysics for many years, with a special interest in coincidence. She has written for websites and magazines, and kept longtime journals of her own synchronicities, along with those of family and friends.

After seeing the importance of words in coincidence, she focused on understanding the language and discovered the different styles through which the Universe seems to speak to different people. Her first book, The Secret Language of Synchronicity, is an exploration of these types of guiding messages.

Jenna continued her research, resulting in learning how meaningful coincidence can guide our writing, and her second book, Writing—by Coincidence. She learned there is always more to explore about the big U’s symbols and signs.

The Curious Coincidence of Found Paper flowed from these discoveries, via signs and happenchance clues that insisted upon being read and shared.