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Melissa Hartweg

Melissa Hartweg is a health and fitness research pioneer and the founder of the Body Mind Diet, a program focused on overall health of the body and mind which encompasses a broad range of topics under body and mind wellness. Today she has helped hundreds of men and women recover from obesity, eating disorders, dieting, and exercise addiction.

Melissa Hartweg in collaboration with her team of researchers are a pioneer for new theory, presses for new research, and has  tested and applied everything she writes about as a foundation for certainty and behavioral change. She educates , clinics, counsellors and participants on how the effect of body and mind engagement works with her method. As a survivor of an obsessive-compulsive eating disorder, she shares her tangible wisdom that she's combined from her education and experience to help others struggling with food, diet, and obesity issues.

Robin has been in the health and fitness research industry since 2001, and has worked with and observed thousands of participants overcome the problem.