A Philosophical Rejection of The Big Bang Theory

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Khuram Rafique

Writing books has been fifth stage in my intellectual development. First stage was that world and reality appeared too strange to me to make proper sense. Either I had to get clarity or to live a perplexing life. I became like a bookworm and my task was to extract maximum sense out of reading and pondering. A stage came when my mind flooded with ideas that kept me under trance but I also started facing the problem of forgetting many of those ideas. Only to keep those ideas in memory, I started writing diaries. That was second stage. Third stage was facilitated by newly emerged blogging facility that helped me track and organize my ideas into short articles. At fourth stage, I became author of two book chapters of two different academic projects. I had no relevant academic qualification for both projects but both times I was honored as my contribution was solicited by those (South Asian) Universities. Back in year 2006, my one short blog article was discussed on a USA Radio Program with Zoologists. The topic of that blog article related to difference between human mind and animal mind. I shall further elaborate that topic in my upcoming book on Epistemological Realism. At fifth stage, now I am in process of writing complete books on various topics. Topics and subjects of my books do not relate to my actual educational or professional background. My qualification on writing about topics (of my books) is simply "I think therefore I can." After a long struggle with various philosophical themes, now I am settled with 'Epistemological Realism' and it is the pursuit of realism that compelled me to thoroughly analyze various aspects of Physics to see how they actually represent underlying reality.