German Boxer Training: Dog Training for Your German Boxer Puppy

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About the author

Claudia Kaiser

Claudia Kaiser lives with her husband and dogs Danny (2 years old) and Daika (8 years old), in an old farm­house in beautiful Rhineland, Germany.

At first only as a dog owner, but later and after 20 years actively training dogs, she has gained a lot of expe­rience, helping other people to train their dogs. She formed the idea of writing this book in order to reach more people, than she could have in the local dog training schools and the small circle of dog owners to whom she gave personal coaching.

The publishing of this guide book is the fruit of considerable research, writing and editing. It is desig­ned to be a guide for all budding puppy owners, to help them get the difficult task of training right the first time, and to avoid those mistakes, which Claudia herself made at the beginning. She worked through her own bad experiences over the years, so that the reader does not have to.

Those who follow the tips and tricks covered in this guidebook are sure to have many years of pleasure from these unusual and wonderful companions.