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About the author

Ted Smith

Ted Smith writes crime fiction inspired by true stories.

Ted Smith crime fiction is inspired by actual true crime stories involving an outwardly normal-appearing psychopath who preys on an unsuspecting, vulnerable individual who ultimately ends up murdered. The victim just doesn’t see it coming.

In real life, even the most intelligent individuals are regularly beguiled and end up losing their lives to cunning psychopaths.

Smith is extremely selective about which true murders inspire his novels, reviewing police and district attorney statements before deciding whether a particular true murder is intriguing enough to share with his readers.

Murders happen weekly by the hundreds, but only a handful are interesting enough to inspire a crime fiction worthy of reading.

Throughout the story, the flashing warning signs are everywhere … though often they may be subtle … telling us that this individual is a dangerous psychopath.

Most readers have no trouble detecting those flashing warnings. Unfortunately, the individual who ends up losing their life has let down their guard and is emotionally blocking the very flashing signs that the rest of us are detecting. The intended victim’s overly-trusting nature ends up costing them their life.


You Were Supposed To Die