Animal Poetry by James Larkin

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About the author

James Larkin

James Larkin has been a newspaper journalist and PR consultant for six decades. He has experience in Britain, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia. He was born in 1938 in Liverpool, England and attended the Royal Grammar School, Colchester. He later was a law student at Grays Inn, London, before joining the Royal Air Force in 1957 in which he served in the Middle East (Iraq and Oman) and Singapore and Malaya (Malayan Emergency). He saw active service in the Oman Rebellion 1957, was on the last plane out at the Iraq Revolution 1958 and served in the Malay Emergency jungle war. He speaks basic Malay and French and smatterings of other languages.

He is now living in Australia with his wife Saisunnee and twin sons James and Anthony. He is an active animal welfare supporter, vegetarian and envirionmentalist. 

His blog is  and he is on Facebook and Twitter