Off Grid In A Hurry: How I Built My Own Simple Camper And Got Off The Grid Amazingly Fast

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Mobile Rik

Mobile Rik has been sustainably living off the grid in his own homemade truck camper he built on his Toyota Tacoma for under $250!

Of course, since the original "stupidly simple" (under 500 lbs "light") cabover camper shell he built in just three construction days, there have been many upgrades — AGM Deep Cell Battery, Homemade Solar Panels, Ultra-Lightweight Roof, and his nifty A-Frame Popup with a 7'8" ceiling — But the essential "dirt cheap" DIY design is still holding up brilliantly.

And of course the best part is that because he built everything himself, it's a perfect fit to his unique needs — to be self-sufficiently camping in nature, boondocking in free campsites, and immersing himself further in sustainable "off grid" life... cooking up vegan meals on his DIY tin can wood-gas stove, and baking amazing pizza and cookies in his cardboard box oven.

He is the creator of several websites, including his main blog,, and, dedicated to Off Grid Hackery for Full Time Campers like himself.