Your Amazing Itty Bitty Communicating with Your Teenager Book

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About the author

Christine Alisa

My love for children and teenagers began when I was a teacher, but I felt I could make a bigger difference with teens and their families by becoming a counselor. For over 25 years as a Marriage Family Therapist, I have helped teens and their families overcome the roadblocks and misunderstandings that get in the way of their happiness and closeness.

I have written this book for parents and guardians who struggle with the changes they see in their teenager and feel helpless to know how to deal with them. I want adults to be empowered; to have strategies and tools for communication as their child enters this phase of his/her life.

My other passion is the trainings I conduct with therapists internationally. I help them use the therapeutic techniques that I have developed to help understand children and adolescents more deeply.

I have specialized in working with children and adolescents in areas of trauma, abuse, anger issues, learning disabilities, ADD and ADHD in my private practice in Southern California