An Unlikely Betrayal

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About the author

Jack Probyn

You might not have heard of me, but you will...

Jack Probyn hasn’t experienced the world. He’s never even owned a pet. But he’d like to; there’s still time. His twenty-two years on the planet have been spent in the United Kingdom, with a few excursions overseas — a particular favourite of his was Amsterdam. Or Norway. Both of which were lovely.  ​

​​​​​​​But what Jack lacks in life-experience, he more than makes up for in creative ingenuity. His Jake Tanner series is the birth child of a sinister and twisted mind, and a propensity to assume the worst will happen in even the most mediocre situation. 

Finding himself pigeon-holed as a millennial, Jack decided to stick with the stereotype and do things his own way. After all, he felt entitled and he wanted to destroy industries. 

Enter: writing. 

The love of writing was rekindled in Jack’s life when he (briefly) entered the corporate world, and the passion snowballed from there. No more will the millennial writer find himself working 9-5, indulging in the complexities of business life, or wearing a M&S suit. 

He will take the world by storm with his pen(keyboard) and his ability to entertain and enthral readers.

​​​​​​​Why not join him (and his future dog)?