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Gregory St. Clair is a Certified Mixologist & Beverage Consultant with over 15 years of high-level leadership in the Hospitality Industry.  St. Clair has championed all facets of the business for various clients and establishments – from general management, bar management, bartending, product management, inventory reconciliation, hiring, staffing and consulting – with an unwavering commitment and focus on superior customer service and revenue-generating results.
St. Clair’s successes date back to his first endeavor as Bar Manager in Silver Springs, MD, where his forward-thinking innovations and new specialty drink initiative yielded increased sales.  That trend continued as St. Clair expanded his services as a Beverage Consultant, allowing him the opportunity to refine his original cocktail list and strategic marketing plan for driving new business.  Throughout his constant evolution as a Mixologist, St. Clair continued assembling his Personal Recipe Portfolio along the way.
As a naturally progressive mind, it was only natural that St. Clair’s distinctive approach to mixology, customer service and beverage pairings led him to this path: Sex & Drinks.  In this book, he brings to his readers a sincere passion for raw human sexuality and crafted organic cocktails, both of which are healthy and delicious.  St. Clair, in a very sensual, yet intuitive way, has harnessed the very essence of why each of us choose to imbibe, what we choose to imbibe and how we choose to imbibe.  It is a thoroughly intoxicating approach to Sex & Drinks.
Gregory St. Clair currently lives in Maryland and Florida.